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Lawrence Koplow’s DUI Evidence Case Makes National Headlines

Stem Legal client Lawrence Koplow has had a busy week – a case he’s involved in has made national headlines.

Reporting in the Phoenix-based Arizona Republic newspaper described how 11 DUI cases have been consolidated into one action, questioning “whether a crime-lab technician’s decision to bootstrap old software onto a new blood-testing machine in 2009 — and the faulty results that allegedly arose from that decision — has affected evidence handled by Scottsdale’s crime lab.” (See: Scottsdale DUIs in question over lab methods)

Koplow, a criminal defense lawyer with a large DUI practice, was quoted several times in the article.

“Forget about suppressing, they’re not even letting juries know this is going on. … They’re letting juries hear from the crime lab, ‘We’re confident that this machine is accurate within 5 percent,’ when the reality is there’s all this evidence to the contrary.”

The Republic article was picked up by the Associated Press and subsequently reported across the US.

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