Building web profile for the legal industry.

About Stem

We are a web development, publishing and strategy company for the legal profession.

We turn law firms’ professional expertise into a powerful online presence that creates new business opportunities.

We help convert lawyers’ internet presence into real-world clients.

Stem Legal helps law firms harness the internet for marketing and business development. Our core belief is that lawyers can develop powerful online profiles by promoting their professional expertise and leadership through the strategic implementation of online technology, and that those enhanced profiles lead to more business.

Our toolkit is built around fundamentals like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but we’re much more than an SEO company. We are web strategists for the legal profession.

  • We profile law firms’ target audiences, build their websites, launch and support their law blogs, and use social networks, media advocacy, and business market conversations to promote their expertise.
  • We create unique content development strategies for law firms, building a web presence that reflects accurately on the firm and connects with both clients and other lawyers.
  • We lead law firms’ web development initiatives from conception to launch, providing strategic guidance and practical implementation every step of the way; when our clients do something online, we make sure it gets noticed.
  • Most importantly, we are long-term partners with our clients, supporting their journey every day towards building a dominant business profile on the web.

Stem Legal was founded in 2007 by Steve Matthews, an internationally recognized and respected authority on the legal web. Our clients range from successful solos and small practices to multi-jurisdictional firms with a global reach. Our approach complements our clients’ existing marketing operations, working with their business development leaders and marketing professionals to achieve the firm’s goals. Our Monthly Retainer clients receive ongoing strategic analysis, regular contact, and collaborative project development.

If our approach to partnership and professionalism resonates with your firm, please contact us today.

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