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Susanna Jani

It is with great pleasure that I provide this unsolicited testimonial for Stem Legal.

I approached Steve Matthews in 2011 for his assistance in raising the awareness of British Columbian families about our Distance Family Mediation Project’s services. I knew very little about social media, and even less about SEO – and wasn’t particularly convinced I wanted to know anything about either. In what seemed like a matter of days, Steve and Laurel Fulford had me up and running full speed, with a big smile on my face: I had a beautiful blog and great Facebook page for the Project, and was even beginning to tweet.

I would be hard-pressed to overstate how impressed I have been with both of them. Steve’s courtesy, generosity, responsiveness, work ethic and expertise in social media are legendary for good reasons. Laurel, too, is an absolute joy to work with and, as I discovered, her gift for web design and development is simply outstanding.

Thank you, Steve and Laurel, for all your wonderful work, encouragement and unfailingly excellent service over the past year. Truly, I couldn’t have done it without you.

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