Building web profile for the legal industry.

Darren Donnelly

About 6 years ago, our Commercial Real Estate Group decided we should start sending out a client newsletter and liked the idea of doing so by email. Email, we thought, would allow us to include links in the newsletter that would make it more useful to our target readers than the usual paper variety. I mentioned it to Steve. He was all over it.

A year later, we launched and it was an instant hit. Our clients loved it. Non-clients in the local real estate industry — future clients and referral sources — found it useful and refreshing. We kept hearing that people were using it as their homepage. 5 years later, the site has won awards and profile within the legal community (largely as a result of Steve’s connections and promoting) and, most importantly, helped us grow our client base and loyalty immensely.

Along the way, I have worked with Steve on numerous smaller projects and in every case he has not only carried things out but added value. He has a great knack for understanding the users’ needs. He delivers on time and creates a product that is easy to maintain and build upon.

Steve just gets it.

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