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Testimonials for Steve Matthews & Stem Legal:

I highly recommend Steve and his team at Stem Legal. I have been working with Steve for the past several years and remain impressed with not just his technical skills– but most importantly his ability to listen to concerns and issues my office faces with respect to web sites and marketing. Steve takes the time to learn about my business and goals and then helps create plans for us to achieve them. In addition to helping with website SEO and creation of new sites, Steve is always available to discuss new ideas or remedy issues as they arise. I appreciate the work that Steve does for me and consider him a valuable player in the growth of my practice.

We couldn’t be happier with Stem Legal’s services. Since we first retained Stem prior to Clio’s official launch in October 2008, we’ve watched our organic search rankings climb to the top of nearly every search category we care about. Jordan Furlong and Stem’s newly-launched media strategy service have also been an invaluable contribution to our broader PR and media outreach efforts.

Jack Newton, President and Co-founder
Themis Solutions Inc. (Clio), Vancouver, Canada

Simply put – the best SEO guy on the planet. I have used all the major names in the business and spent a lot of money on so called SEO experts. Steve is the only person I will ever use. Beside getting results, he also has integrity. Something I was not sure existed in the SEO business until I met him. Stop wasting your time with the everyone else and give him a call.

Lawrence Koplow
Koplow Law Firm, LLP, Scottsdale, Arizona

Steve is a consummate professional. I have really enjoyed working with him, first at the American Bar Association and then afterward on other matters. His work is always of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner, as one would expect from Steve. But more than that, Steve exemplifies a trusting, caring professional. He takes time to fully understand the needs of the client and then crafts solutions that are out of the box, highly creative and exceed every expectation. His style is warm and personable. I highly recommend Steve and value him both as a business colleague and also as a friend.

David J. Bilinsky, Practice Management Consultant/Advisor
Law Society of British Columbia, Canada

It is with great pleasure that I provide this unsolicited testimonial for Stem Legal.

I approached Steve Matthews in 2011 for his assistance in raising the awareness of British Columbian families about our Distance Family Mediation Project’s services. I knew very little about social media, and even less about SEO – and wasn’t particularly convinced I wanted to know anything about either. In what seemed like a matter of days, Steve and Laurel Fulford had me up and running full speed, with a big smile on my face: I had a beautiful blog and great Facebook page for the Project, and was even beginning to tweet.

I would be hard-pressed to overstate how impressed I have been with both of them. Steve’s courtesy, generosity, responsiveness, work ethic and expertise in social media are legendary for good reasons. Laurel, too, is an absolute joy to work with and, as I discovered, her gift for web design and development is simply outstanding.

Thank you, Steve and Laurel, for all your wonderful work, encouragement and unfailingly excellent service over the past year. Truly, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Susanna Jani, Project Coordinator - Distance Family Mediation Project
Mediate BC, Vancouver, BC

I have worked with other search-engine-optimization “experts,” but none of them got the job done for me like Steve has. My website is highly ranked for several different keyword searches thanks largely to Steve’s great work. I highly recommend Stem Legal Web Enterprises, Inc.

Ron Chapman
Ron S. Chapman, P.A., West Palm Beach, Florida

Steve Matthews and Stem Legal have provided excellent service for my law firm. Our presence on the web has improved and Steve and his team have done a fantastic job helping us with the technical aspects of our site. I gladly give Steve and Stem Legal my recommendation.

About 6 years ago, our Commercial Real Estate Group decided we should start sending out a client newsletter and liked the idea of doing so by email. Email, we thought, would allow us to include links in the newsletter that would make it more useful to our target readers than the usual paper variety. I mentioned it to Steve. He was all over it.

A year later, we launched and it was an instant hit. Our clients loved it. Non-clients in the local real estate industry — future clients and referral sources — found it useful and refreshing. We kept hearing that people were using it as their homepage. 5 years later, the site has won awards and profile within the legal community (largely as a result of Steve’s connections and promoting) and, most importantly, helped us grow our client base and loyalty immensely.

Along the way, I have worked with Steve on numerous smaller projects and in every case he has not only carried things out but added value. He has a great knack for understanding the users’ needs. He delivers on time and creates a product that is easy to maintain and build upon.

Steve just gets it.

Darren Donnelly, Practice Chair, Commercial Real Estate
Clark Wilson LLP, Vancouver, Canada

As a relatively small legal publisher, we continually struggle to compete for exposure against more established organizations on the web.

In 2007 we contracted Steve Matthews to develop and implement a strategy to help bolster our presence in BC. It didn’t take us long to recognize that we had hired the right man for the job.

Steve doesn’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy.  The custom-fit solution he developed for us demonstrated an astute understanding of our business and the unique challenges we face within this complex industry.

His efforts have bore fruit on a number of levels and he continues to use the very latest technology to deliver impressive results.

We couldn’t be happier

Mike Pasta, President
Quickscribe Services Ltd., Victoria, Canada

Jordan Furlong is an extraordinarily insightful observer of lawyers and the legal profession. He understands the practice of law, and where law is going. He is an acute observer of the broader societal and technological trends which will shape the practice of law over the next few decades. Jordan’s experience comes from a unique vantage point. Starting as a young lawyer with one of Canada’s oldest and largest law firms, he moved to become a perceptive observer and journalist. For 10 years, he edited Canada’s premiere legal publication, the prize winning Canadian Bar Association National Magazine. I have worked with him extensively over the last decade and continue to be struck by his wit, intelligence, charm and insight. Anyone who wants to understand their future in the law should pay attention to him.

Simon Chester, Partner
Heenan Blaikie

Jordan is a visionary. His knowledge of the legal community, the profession as a whole and his ability to trend spot is unparalleled. He is the highly respected publisher of Law 21, a blog I read religiously to learn where our profession is heading and, more importantly, why. If you have the opportunity to work with Jordan in any capacity…take it.

Susan Cartier Liebel, Owner, Solo Practice University

Jordan is one of the most insightful and thoughtful commentators on the state of the legal profession today. From predicting how technology will change the practice of law to examining innovations in billing practices, lawyers will always learn about the latest trends at Jordan’s blogs and come away with new perspectives on the future of our profession and how we can improve our own practices.

Carolyn Elefant, Author/Consultant

Steve gets Internet marketing. Among all the hucksters offering the moon to law firms and then under-delivering, whether because they don’t know what they are doing or don’t care, Steve is going to shine. He cares and he’s talented… [more…]

Kevin O’Keefe, President & Founder
LexBlog, Seattle, Washington

Steve Matthews has been a credible resource to the legal profession because of his hands on experience in a reputable firm plus his generosity in participating in related online discussions through his highly respected blog. I am glad Steve has decided to consult and thereby make his expertise available to a wide variety of firms. As time passes, I am optimistic he will prove to be a formidable resource to the legal profession.

Gerry Riskin, Principal & Founder
Edge International, Anguilla, BWI

Steve Matthews possesses a rare blend of good common sense and creativity. He knows how to make sense of technological change, how to find the gems among the glass, and how to make it all work together in a way that’s truly valuable to law firms. Leave it to Steve. You won’t be sorry.

Simon Fodden, Founder & Administrator
Slaw, Toronto, Canada

Steve Matthews understands the legal industry inside and out. His twelve years of law firm management experience have given him insight into how firms function, and he is a master of translating a firm’s business vision into strategically driving its Internet presence. Every day businesses use Google and other search engines to locate the legal services they urgently seek; Steve Matthews knows how to increase new client work by capturing those opportunities.

Connie Crosby, Law Librarian & Founding Member
Slaw, Toronto, Canada

One of the positive effects of new technology is that it has enabled me to befriend people like Steve despite the fact that I am in the UK and he is in Canada. Steve is polite, friendly, and someone whose thought processes lead him to be constructive in his criticisms, and someone – who whilst embracing all the possibilities of new technology can offer to himself and those he works for – doesn’t believe it throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and recognises the old and new can not only co-exist but often do so to the benefit of one another. He recognises we don’t live in a one size fits all world, but also that it helps if you’re aware of all the sizes – and new sizes – that exist to begin with. I’m sure Stem’s clients will be a very satisfied bunch.

Scott Vine, Senior Information Officer
Clifford Chance LLP, London, UK
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