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WordPress Wednesdays: Creating Custom Queries in WordPress

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

WordPress automatically loads the appropriate posts and pages on your site based on its default database queries. However, it’s possible to create custom queries so you can call whatever content you like from the SQL database and run it through the WordPress Loop — the code used to display your WordPress posts — wherever you want on your site. You… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Adding ‘+1’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Like’ Buttons Without Plugins

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

This week’s WordPress Wednesday will cover how to add Tweet This, +1 and Like buttons to your WordPress posts… without plugins! Each share button requires a snippet of HTML, a bit of JavaScript, and a quick template edit. As with all site modifications discussed in the WordPress Wednesday series, make sure to back up your theme files before making… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Improving your search results page

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

In this WW post, we will explain some tricks and tips to make your WordPress search results friendlier, and more helpful for your users. There are a number of plugins that have built boasting their improvements to WordPress’s out-of-the-box search, but some simple tweaks can be done to refine your results, and improve the search result’s page interface. The below… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Better Archive Lists in WordPress

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

In this week’s post, we show you how we modified Stem’s blog archives page to segment the monthly listing by year of publication, like on the Strategy Blog’s new archive page. Jump ahead to see the complete code! The eagle-eyed among you have probably noticed small tweaks to the Stem site and Strategy Blog this past week. As we… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: WordPress 3.3 is out!

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

WordPress 3.3  — aka “Sonny”, after jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt — is now available for download or upgrading your WordPress website! At Stem, a new WordPress version means rolling it out slowly over our internal websites to help sleuth out any conflicts between the upgrade and the plugins we usually use before applying the upgrade to our client sites.… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Schedule Posts More Efficiently with Plugins

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

Welcome to a new feature on the Stem Strategy Blog: WordPress Wednesdays! Every Wednesday, we’ll share a tip, trick, plugin or cautionary tale from our WordPress adventures. For the bloggers in the crowd, you know the magic of scheduling posts in WordPress — it’s a great way to prepare content in advance, and then have it post on your site… more »

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