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Sharing the Spotlight: Website Profiles for Law Firm Staff

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

If you were entirely new to the legal industry and you were judging law firms by their websites, you could be forgiven for believing that the only people to be found in said firms were lawyers. The great majority of law firm websites provide designated pages for each and every lawyer, but nothing more than a passing mention (if that)… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #4: Legal FAQ Sites

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This is the last in a series of posts on distributed publishing opportunities for lawyers and law firms. If you haven’t done so already, please do check out the intro post and previous entries on blogging, social media, and microsites. Now, to wrap up, let’s talk about…

Legal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, have been around… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #3: Microsites

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This is the latest in a series of posts on distributed publishing opportunities for lawyers and law firms. Check out the intro post and previous entries on blogging and social media, if you haven’t already! Now, on to our next topic…


Microsites are single-subject websites which can include a variety of content formats: Isolating a service line; Answers… more »

5 Ways to Maximize Your Distributed Publishing Efforts

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In my latest Slaw column on distributed publishing, I talked about the benefits of going beyond a solitary law firm website, and using additional narrowly-focused, single-topic sites to create a robust network of firm-owned sites.  In this post, I want to share several key things to consider when increasing your firm’s publishing efforts, starting with why it’s so important… more »

Your Future Law Firm Domain Name

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Tired of limited .COM domain options? ICANN has started towards solving that issue by announcing the applicants for a bunch of new generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD”). Today was the “reveal day” for finding out which companies paid the $185K registration fee to grab everything from .PARIS to .WALMART.  There were 1,930 applications in total; a copy of the complete… more »

Harrison Pensa’s Website Among Lawyerist Award Finalists

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

We enjoy promoting our clients’ successes, never more so than when those successes involve the firm’s online presence. Regular readers might recall my post from this past February, bringing your attention to the groundbreaking new website of our client Harrison Pensa. I pointed out in that post all the elements of HP’s site that, to me, represented a fresh… more »

SEO & Client-Friendly Websites: Techshow Slide Decks Now Available

Posted by Steve Matthews on

As promised, here are the slide desks from my two presentations at the 2012 ABA TECHSHOW. Beyond the FAQ: Building Client-Friendly Websites  was co-presented with Jeff Lantz of Esquire Interactive. It offers advice on how to write client-centric content and how law firms can build their network of content to better serve clients, get more publishing opportunities,… more »


Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

As noted over at Stem News, Steve Matthews will be co-presenting two sessions at the upcoming ABA TECHSHOW 2012 in Chicago later this week. See the news item for details on Steve’s sessions — we’ll also be posting the slidedecks to Slideshare after the conference. This year’s lineup of sessions looks top-notch. Steve’s sessions fall within the Digital Marketing Track,… more »

Where’s your fingerprint? Making your online profile unique

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Here’s a very quick experiment I’d like you to try. Go to your online biography — either your law firm profile page or, if you’re a solo, the “About Me” section — and print it out. Bring the printout back to your chair, take out three different coloured pens or markers, and do the following: 1. With the first pen,… more »

Law firm websites are the foundation

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Kevin O’Keefe had a provocative post yesterday that talked about the overemphasis some lawyers place on their firm websites, in terms of their online business development programs. Here’s the money quote from Kevin: “Law firms and their attorneys need to get over the fact that a website is not the only way to do marketing and business development on… more »

Crafting standout practice group descriptions

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

The knock against most law firm websites is that you could switch the banners and logos of two randomly selected firms and hardly anyone would notice the difference. I’ve found this is especially the case with practice and industry group descriptions, which tend heavily towards the bland or generic. That’s a shame, because I think most firms could say something… more »

Getting personal: Harrison Pensa’s smart new website

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Stem client Harrison Pensa, a full-service law firm based in London, Ontario and serving clients throughout southwestern Ontario and across Canada, has just launched a new website. That might not, in itself, be something worth drawing to your attention. But I do think Harrison Pensa’s approach to its new site is smart, savvy, and sophisticated, and I thought… more »

Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Websites: Ideas & Examples

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’ve been feeling that the legal industry was on the verge of adopting mobile friendly websites for a few months now, so when a new report from the Law Firm Mobile blog arrived in my inbox yesterday, it was pretty timely. Inspired by LexBlog’s State of the AmLaw Blogosphere, Law Firm Mobile set out to determine which firms, among… more »

Techshow PPT Decks on Website Building and SEO

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In the “better late than never” and “short but sweet” categories, I’ve finally uploaded the slide decks from my presentations at this year’s ABA Techshow, which was held from April 11-13 in Chicago. Website 101: Build and Rebuild was co-presented with Courtney Ward-Reichard and covers all the major aspects of law firm websites: selecting and managing a domain name,… more »

Online innovation: a privacy policy generator

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Stem client Harrison Pensa LLP of London, Ontario has done a great service to every organization that operates a website (which is to say, much of the corporate world). Led by business and technology lawyer David Canton (author of the eLegal blog), the firm has helped create a privacy policy generator called PrivacyTool. PrivacyTool guides users through a… more »

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