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The Secret to Solving Google Business Listing Problems

Posted by Steve Matthews on

If you’ve ever had work out a kink in a Google business listing, you know it can be an exercise in aggravation. Fixing issues such as lost control over a listing, updating your business address, correcting a map marker, or removing duplicate listings can turn into a lengthy online process filled with steps like “trigger a verification postcard” and “pending… more »

Legal Web Marketing: Search vs. Social

Posted by Steve Matthews on

A client recently emailed me for my thoughts on Kevin O’Keefe’s post “Good law blogs losing traffic from Google?“, specifically wondering about the value of social media vs. search traffic. Here’s what I told him. Once you get past the (semi-sensational) headline and into the post, Kevin makes a good observation about not taking Google Analytics data at… more »

How To Talk To Lawyers About Online Content Marketing

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

A friend of mine recently asked for my thoughts on how to speak to lawyers about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Steve Matthews is Stem’s resident guru on these topics, and I make it a point to look foolish only in my areas of authority. But if the mechanics of SEO aren’t in my wheelhouse, speaking… more »

Traffic to law firm homepages dying? Not so far.

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In one of his most recent posts, Lexblog’s Kevin O’Keefe made a brave prediction on the “death of law firm homepages”. Citing the recently reported traffic declines to the NYTimes homepage,  Kevin posits, “The death of homepages on law firm websites is likely to be much the same.” The idea that social media might be directly impacting the traffic… more »

Website Wisdom From Mass LOMAP

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

At the Massachusetts LOMAP Blog, law practice management advisor Heidi Alexander has just wrapped up a super series on website essentials, and we’d be remiss not to mention it here. From registering a domain to boosting search engine rankings, Alexander speaks from personal experience, sharing practical tips on four main aspects of website development in plain language. What makes… more »

How Search Really Works

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

“I had NO idea that’s how Google works!”

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said this to me, after I explain to them how Stem helps clients improve their search engine rankings, I’d be rich. Or at least, have enough to take my colleagues out for a pint. For something that is so fully a part… more »

When SEO Meets MADHD

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Lee Rosen recently coined a new term: Marketing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He writes there’s a surefire way to make sure any marketing effort will fail: “It’s called Marketing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (“MADHD”). It’s marked by starting a marketing project, doing some work on it, and then moving on to another marketing project. The project is left… more »

Lawyers and Social Searching

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’ve spent some time recently trying to contemplate the upcoming battle between Facebook and Google for the social search market — specifically, whether either company will have substantial influence on giving relevant exposure to law firm services. To start, let me clarify my understanding of “social search” and the differing approaches taken to it by each company. We’re speaking about… more »

Your Future Law Firm Domain Name

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Tired of limited .COM domain options? ICANN has started towards solving that issue by announcing the applicants for a bunch of new generic Top Level Domains (“gTLD”). Today was the “reveal day” for finding out which companies paid the $185K registration fee to grab everything from .PARIS to .WALMART.  There were 1,930 applications in total; a copy of the complete… more »

SEO & Client-Friendly Websites: Techshow Slide Decks Now Available

Posted by Steve Matthews on

As promised, here are the slide desks from my two presentations at the 2012 ABA TECHSHOW. Beyond the FAQ: Building Client-Friendly Websites  was co-presented with Jeff Lantz of Esquire Interactive. It offers advice on how to write client-centric content and how law firms can build their network of content to better serve clients, get more publishing opportunities,… more »

What can Google+ offer law firms?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

It took me a while to gather my thoughts on Google+ and the potential benefits for lawyers and law firms.  Every few days, I would drop a few more ideas into a draft email; with the intent of eventually writing a post here at LFWS.  Then last week, our friends over at Attorney at Work were kind enough to ask… more »

Techshow PPT Decks on Website Building and SEO

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In the “better late than never” and “short but sweet” categories, I’ve finally uploaded the slide decks from my presentations at this year’s ABA Techshow, which was held from April 11-13 in Chicago. Website 101: Build and Rebuild was co-presented with Courtney Ward-Reichard and covers all the major aspects of law firm websites: selecting and managing a domain name,… more »

WordPress Security for Law Firm Websites

Posted by Steve Matthews on

If your law firm website or blog uses WordPress as its content management system, please take a look at my latest Slaw column on beefing up security measures around the administration login area.  WordPress is our preferred development platform here at Stem, so I’ve tried to outline some of the steps we take when setting up a new website.… more »

Tips for moving domain names

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Moving your website from one domain to another is no easy task, as the American Bar Association is currently finding out.  The ABA is in the middle of a transition from their long-term home at over to their new domain at I say middle because many of the established addresses on their old website are throwing 404 errors… more »

Law Firm Blog Location and SEO

Posted by Steve Matthews on

My friend Kevin O’Keefe is debating the effectiveness of placing law firm blogs within the law firm website, as opposed to setting up each blog with its own domain name. Kevin clearly supports the idea of giving  each firm blog its own domain, and wrote on this same topic last year. An important piece of context here: Kevin’s… more »

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