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Why I’m a Big Fan of Twitter Lists

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I keep promising myself that I’ll make better use of Twitter lists.  It’s probably my favorite feature on the network, and to be honest, one that I underutilize. Here are a few reasons why I think so highly of them: You don’t have to ‘follow’ a user on Twitter to track what they are saying. Twitter lets you add… more »

Mandatory Use of RSS for Lawyers… Just a Dream?

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

Last week, Kevin O’Keefe blogged about a bold prediction. Or maybe it was more like wishful thinking. He wondered, “…shouldn’t it be a requirement that lawyers stay abreast of the law and hone their skills in as good a fashion as they can? And if so, could that make an RSS reader and the use of feeds an ethical… more »

WatchThatPage, Response Time & Hackers

Posted by Steve Matthews on

We don’t build or manage all of our client’s websites here at Stem.  Sometimes it’s us at the controls, and sometimes we collaborate with the client’s in-house or local web developer.  It’s an arrangement that works quite well most of the time. One situation where it can cause problems, however, is responding to a website that has been hacked.  Ignoring… more »

LegalPubs for Greener Law?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

A couple of years ago, we launched to aggregate RSS feeds from Canadian legal publishers. The site helps identify the latest books and products being offered, and is typically followed by law librarians who are tasked with making these purchases.  In an average month, the site shows around 5k products, and inspires around 1500 product clicks. Last month was… more »

Lawyer Web Publishing & Content Routing

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This past Sunday I published my latest Web Law Connected column over at Slaw, titled “The Formal-to-Informal Rule of Lawyer Web Publishing“. The title of month’s article is a bit of a misnomer, and my suggestion of a rule is a mental guideline more than anything. The basic premise is to be careful about taking raw unfiltered… more »

DUI Lawyer Blog Watch Launched!

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m pleased to announce a new website for Stem, the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch! Located at, this site offers a one-page aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by attorneys blogging on the subject of DUI law. As of launch today, the number of blogs included was 54. With some similarity to the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch site… more »

Lexmonitor is Pretty Cool

Posted by Steve Matthews on

The crew over at law blog developer Lexblog have launched a new legal blog aggregator, Lexmonitor. It’s pretty cool! It’s also the type of tool that will help sell RSS technology within the legal industry.   For the unsavvy RSS user, it looks like a regular website with a massive amount of industry-based content, a big newspaper. And for the… more »

Do Lawyers Watch TV?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Where do I find the time? A common question for many lawyers… for just about ever subject, actually. Not billable? Sorry, no time. Keeping perspective on personal productivity is an important issue. True, but what about down time? While the typical lawyer has less ‘social surplus’ (see video below) than the average person out there, most still have *some* time… more »

More Additions to

Posted by Steve Matthews on

There have been a couple of recent additions to the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch, the blog commentary tracking site I’ve been working on with Stem client and Florida criminal attorney Ron Chapman. These two bring the total to 38: DIY Divorce in Florida Palm Beach County Family Law Blog Also note worthy, I can see from the statistics that… more »

Florida Lawyers Blog Watch

Posted by Steve Matthews on

What if you took all of the lawyer blogs within a given region, say Florida, and mixed them into a single location online? Well, ta-da! :) Let me introduce you to my latest RSS feed mixing effort – the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch. I’ve wanted to create a website like this for a while. Something that tracks the… more »

Yahoo Pipes & RSS Feed Mixing

Posted by Steve Matthews on

One of the biggest areas of unexplored territory in legal web marketing these days is the power of RSS, or real simple syndication. I’ve written in the past on the use of RSS in law firms (see here and here), and how those in the legal industry can be better consumers of information using this technology. However, for… more »

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