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Invite Your Clients To Co-Author Your Firm’s Content

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Most lawyers have long since figured out that writing articles showing off their expertise in their chosen field is a safe and productive way to market their services. Some lawyers choose to publish these articles in their firm newsletters, others on blogs, and others in legal profession periodicals. Quite a few lawyers, additionally or alternatively, have realized that the best… more »

The Role of Publishing In The Marketing-Sales Continuum

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

In most parts of the business world not owned and operated by lawyers, “Marketing” and “Sales” are inextricably linked. Companies carry out marketing solely for the purpose of increasing their sales, either for specific transactions (e.g., advertising campaigns or temporary price discounts) or for general branding (e.g., market awareness or consumer profile). It’s a natural continuum… more »

How To Talk To Lawyers About Online Content Marketing

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

A friend of mine recently asked for my thoughts on how to speak to lawyers about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Steve Matthews is Stem’s resident guru on these topics, and I make it a point to look foolish only in my areas of authority. But if the mechanics of SEO aren’t in my wheelhouse, speaking… more »

What Law Firms Can Learn From The Wu-Tang Clan

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Have you heard the new Wu-Tang Clan album, The Wu – Once Upon A Time in Shaolin? Unless you’re a millionaire, probably not. The Clan’s new album will not be sold in stores, nor will its singles be found on iTunes, nor will the album be streamed through any online service. The Clan is going to produce one, and… more »

CanLII Connects Breaks New Ground

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a great new project we’ve been working on here at Stem. It’s called CanLII Connects and it opened to the public a few hours ago. Simply put, CanLII Connects was developed to improve access to legal commentary on Canadian court decisions. Both as a jumping off point from decisions reported on, and… more »

Practice Group Publishing Strategies: A Book Excerpt

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

You may have heard that Steve Matthews and I recently published our first book, Content Marketing and Publishing Strategies for Law Firms, with The Ark Group. Our mission was to help law firms place a strategic framework around their content marketing efforts — to identify and implement the “Why” of publishing, rather than just the “How.” Today, we’d… more »

Extend the Reach of Original Content: Adapt and Distribute

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In last week’s Friday’s Five at Attorney at Work, Joan Feldman highlights five great tips from the Third Annual Super Marketing Conference. I’m especially fond of this one: “Recycle your writings. Developing good, targeted content is hard work. So, to get the most leverage from all those hours you put into it, be smart and develop a content plan… more »

9 Steps to a Presentation That Won’t Leave Your Audience Hating You

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Lawyers love the written word. When you talk to a lawyer about “content marketing,” he or she automatically shifts into thinking about articles, newsletters, blog posts, and other written forms of communication. But there’s much more to content marketing than writing — “publishing” can and does involve any number of media that require the active personal and verbal participation of… more »

Blogging for Lawyers: A Modest Proposal

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

You might have heard about the newest marketing craze sweeping the legal profession. It’s called a “newsletter” — a funny word, certainly, crammed together from two words (“news” and “letter”) that we’re already familiar with. You might be wondering whether this new fad is the right marketing vehicle for your law practice, or you might have concerns about whether it’s… more »

Ten Tips For Building a Law Firm Publishing Culture

Posted by Steve Matthews on

[cross-posted at] If you’ve been paying any attention at all to the zeitgeist of legal web marketing the last couple years, you know that producing and publishing content is the best possible way to grow your online reputation. But “content, content, content” is so much easier said than done. Firms need specific strategies for building an internal… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #4: Legal FAQ Sites

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This is the last in a series of posts on distributed publishing opportunities for lawyers and law firms. If you haven’t done so already, please do check out the intro post and previous entries on blogging, social media, and microsites. Now, to wrap up, let’s talk about…

Legal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, have been around… more »

Distributed Publishing Opportunity #3: Microsites

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This is the latest in a series of posts on distributed publishing opportunities for lawyers and law firms. Check out the intro post and previous entries on blogging and social media, if you haven’t already! Now, on to our next topic…


Microsites are single-subject websites which can include a variety of content formats: Isolating a service line; Answers… more »

The 4 frequent flaws of law firm content

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Law firms create and circulate extraordinary amounts of content, almost all of it written by lawyers about developments in the law. But the majority of that content is unlikely to produce much if any business benefit, because it’s fatally flawed by one or more of four elementary mistakes firms keep making. Here’s my assessment of the most common problems… more »

Law firm websites are the foundation

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Kevin O’Keefe had a provocative post yesterday that talked about the overemphasis some lawyers place on their firm websites, in terms of their online business development programs. Here’s the money quote from Kevin: “Law firms and their attorneys need to get over the fact that a website is not the only way to do marketing and business development on… more »

Linkable content: the backbone of social media marketing

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

As you probably know, I’m a frequent user of Twitter, both at my own jordan@law21 account and as a contributor to the @CCCA_News stream for Stem client the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association. In both capacities, but especially with the CCCA, I receive emails from law firms telling me about a new article they’ve published. Many of these articles would… more »

Legal FAQ Collections