Who Will You Nominate For the 10th Annual Clawbies?

You know the feeling.

That little jolt of excitement and anticipation when you see a new blog post is available from one of your favourite blogs. Maybe you read it right away, or maybe you save it to read on your bus ride home (or in the bath with a glass of wine?).

Either way, you savour the post, maybe share it on social media or with a colleague or friend, and file it away in your mind, because you know at some point you’ll probably refer back to it – that’s the quality and usefulness of this blog.

So, that blog you’re thinking about? There’s your Clawbies nomination right there – and we’d like to hear about it.

This year marks the 10th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards, and until December 23rd, you can blog or tweet your nominations of up to 3 law-related blogs, using the hashtag #clawbies2015 or #ClawbiesAt10. (No need to nominate your own blog – by nominating others, your blog will earn an automatic nomination.)

Then, watch for the announcement of the 2015 Clawbies winners on New Year’s Eve, subscribe to the new favourites we’re sure you’ll discover, and look forward to more of that “can’t wait to read it” feeling all next year.


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