The Original Clawbies Winners 10 Years Later: An Upcoming Interview Series

Hard to believe that this December will see the announcement of the 10th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards, a.k.a. the Clawbies – but it’s true. Since the inaugural awards in 2006, we’ve had the privilege of highlighting dozens of Canada’s most insightful, committed, and articulate legal bloggers.

Legal blogging is so commonplace now that it’s easy to forget how relatively rare it was just 10 years ago. When Steve rounded up and published a list of Canadian legal bloggers in December 2005, there were only a couple dozen names on it (now that list, which evolved into, has close to 500). The folks named in the first edition of the Clawbies awards truly are pioneers.

In anticipation of this year’s 10th annual Clawbies, we looked back at those original winners and runners up, and were glad to see so many of them still blogging regularly. Curious about the secrets to their longevity, we asked them to answer a few questions about their decade of blogging expertise. The result is a series of mini-interviews that we’ll publish over the coming weeks here on Law Firm Web Strategy, starting tomorrow with London, Ontario trademark and tech lawyer David Canton. Stay tuned!

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