Neil Melliship: Blogging is “a very good and relatively low cost marketing tool”

This week we bring you a new installment of our Original Clawbies Winners Interview Series with these blogging insights from Neil Melliship. Melliship is an IP lawyer and trade-mark agent at Clark Wilson LLP in Vancouver, BC. He is founding member of the firm’s Canadian Trademark Blog, which launched in 2006.

Neil Melliship blogs at the Canadian Trademark Law Blog.

Neil Melliship blogs at the Canadian Trademark Blog.

You’ve been blogging for more than a decade. Do you remember what prompted you to start blogging in the first place?

Our webmaster of the day suggested it would be a good way to improve our SEO based on how it was, at that time, quickly gaining traction as a marketing tool.

Have you ever taken a hiatus from blogging or considered shutting the blog down? Why?

Different members of our team have taken turns writing blog posts over the years, but as time has gone on, the initial enthusiasm has waned. We have considered shutting the blog down in the last year or so, but we haven’t as we still see it as potentially a very good and relatively low cost (time wise) marketing tool.

How do you make the time to blog regularly? i.e., how does it fit into your schedule? Do you do it as part of your work day, write on evenings/weekends etc?

It’s evolved. At one time it was a first thing in the morning task and gradually it has shifted to evenings or weekends – due primarily to increased work flow generally.

Where does your blogging inspiration come from? Do you use an RSS reader or social media to be alerted to topics of interest?

There are a few services that provide very prompt notice of new Canadian trade-mark decisions and I review those every morning.

How do you decide what topics to cover?

Our blog is targeted very narrowly – we only post on stories that relate to Canadian trade-mark law.

Do you ever include items of a personal/less-serious nature?

We are always on the lookout for ways to make the blog more readable and less formal, so that writing style reflects that as do some of the topics we write about.

How do you spread the word about a new blog post? Through social media or other channels?

Our marketing department pushes all new blog posts (and newsletter articles) out through various social media channels, as do I.

Do you mention your blog in your (firm website/faculty) biography?


Thanks, Neil, for this! This was the sixth installment of our series – if you missed the earlier interviews, check them out here:  David Canton, Michael Geist, Vincent Gautrais, Allison Wolf, and David Fraser.


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