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Stem Client Roundup for July 2015

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

Hello summer! Now that sunny days are really and truly here, we hope you’re enjoying all your favourite activities and taking a break from the hustle and bustle. Here’s a look at what our clients have been up to so far this summer: Fraser Valley firm Waterstone Law Group generously sponsored the 6th season of Bard in the Valley. … more »

Stop Saying That! 6 Phrases To Drop From Your Written Work

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Mark Twain once wrote (no, really, he did): “One isn’t a printer ten years without setting up acres of good and bad literature, and learning — unconsciously at first, consciously later — to discriminate between the two, within his mental limitations.” Within my own mental limitations, I’ve read and written so much in the last couple of decades… more »

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