Words of Wisdom from a Law Firm Website Pioneer

I was thrilled to see Greg Siskind’s article in the September/October issue of Law Practice Magazine. Siskind tells the story of how he set up one of the very first law firm websites 20 years ago (two large firms were ahead of him, but he was the first small firm).

Some people credit me as being one of the early web coders in the legal industry, but here’s the reality: I didn’t get my start on legal websites until almost a full year after Greg had launched visalaw.com. I’ll also proudly admit that there was a period during the mid-9o’s when I think I read everything Greg wrote about the internet. His words and vision were gold to me.

I had a chance to meet Greg a few years ago at the COLPM conference. It was great to trade stories, but listening to him speak in person was a moment I’ll remember for a long time.

Greg’s article is like a walk down memory lane, describing the first time he learned about the world wide web and realized it was the ticket he needed to hang his own shingle. A few simple but smart moves later (registering a domain, starting an email newsletter and eventually a blog) and Greg’s immigration firm is one of the best-known in the country.

The whole article is a fascinating read, but I especially love the five takeaways Greg shares:

  1. Content is still king
  2. Websites still matter
  3. Evolve with the hardware
  4. Stay up on the tools
  5. Online is still a great place to invent yourself

At the end of the article, Greg concludes, “The Internet has given every lawyer the ability to be his or her own publisher and reach the whole world at almost no cost. The opportunities are still amazing.”

I couldn’t agree more.

See Law Firm Websites: The 20th Anniversary.


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