Lock Down Your iPhone Notifications

Have you noticed how many screen alerts on your iPhone show a “summary snippet”? It’s a default setting for a number of apps. The arrival of a new text message gets displayed on the screen, or an alert from your calendar displays a portion of the event’s description.

Probably the most frustrating part of these alerts is that they can happen when your phone is idle. Even while locked, there’s a good chance you’ve unwittingly authorized a number of apps to display the private information contained within these alerts.

So why not lock it down? The newly redesigned Yahoo Tech has posted a short set of instructions on how to limit the summaries of your Text messages. This same technique can be applied by going into your notification center and culling ALL of your alerts that publish snippets to the home screen.

For most lawyers, conducting this kind of ‘alert shutdown’ for client communication makes sense. When your phone is off-line and locked, nothing should be displayed. Not from calendars, email, texts or private app communications. Nothing. Right?

Simple fix.

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