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Stem Client Roundup for March 2014

Posted by Steve Matthews on

The year seems to be flying by!  It is already the end of March and our clients, as usual, have been busy and productive this month. The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association unveiled a new design for its in-house magazine, CCCA Magazine (Spring 2014).  The major theme of this issue is “Managing Your Privacy Risk: An In-House Guide”.  Also, CCCA is… more »

Breaking Down The Barriers To Blogging

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

I’ll choose “Things That I Know Are Good For Me But I Keep Putting Off Anyway” for $500, Alex. In a category that includes “Walking 20 Minutes A Day,” “Cutting Down On Aspartame,” and “Never Watching CNN Again,” many lawyers might also find “Writing A New Blog Post.” In law firms large and small, I often hear managing partners and… more »

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