The Cure for Text by Infographic

On last week, Allison Shields talked about some of the reasons lawyers might want to use infographics as part of their marketing strategies this year. Alison makes some good points about why infographics have been such a welcome addition to the marketing landscape over the last few years, and why they’re well suited to lawyers’ marketing activities:

“Lawyers are generally a text-heavy bunch. …  Infographics can help clients understand complicated legal concepts without confronting long blocks of text. By presenting material in infographic form, lawyers can help make legal concepts less intimidating for both existing clients and prospective clients. Infographics may also help keep prospects’ and clients’ attention longer and help them retain the information longer than information presented purely in text format.”

And for added mileage:

“Infographics are also great marketing tools because they are so easy to share. Visuals are always popular on social media, and good infographics can go viral quickly.”

Allison also links to a Pinterest board prepped by Gyi Tsakalakis, which includes several dozen legal infographics. Maybe predictably, a lot of them are from personal injury firms. But there were some nicely designed, creative images that caught my eye, like one from a bankruptcy law firm that outlines the debt that can follow holiday shopping, and this one, which outlines, in remarkably few words, how US laws are made (click the image to see the original, large version):


I completely agree with Allison that infographics can work for any practice area (and I’d add, any company – check out the graphic that our designer Laurel created for Stem’s 5-year anniversary). Serious or playful, infographics have the potential to enliven almost any data. Allison suggests they can be used to “help train employees, to enhance firm newsletters, as a recruitment tool, or as an alternate or additional lawyer biography. Lawyers may want to provide statistical firm information on the law firm website in infographic form, or create an infographic that showcases the results the firm has attained for clients.”

Have you seen any good legal infographics lately? Please share them in the comments!

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