Link into a single paragraph within a Google Doc

We do a lot of collaborative drafting in Google Docs/Drive here at Stem, and I recently came across an interesting way of referencing paragraphs or sections within longer documents.

For drafting discussions that are relevant to everyone collaborating, the “Comments” feature is often your first choice to propose changes or highlight problem language.  But there are also times when you want to take a discussion outside of the document in question; and an email exchange is often the next logical step. The problem I was running into, was how to highlight specific sections of text within these email exchanges.

By using the Bookmarks feature,  you can embed a ‘deep link’ or anchor, right into your Google doc; sending your recipient directly to, say, paragraph 4 on page 39. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your doc, and scroll to your page of choice;
  2. Place the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph in question;
  3. Choose the insert menu, and select ‘bookmark’
  4. Right click on the word ‘Link’, and copy the URL.
  5. Paste that link into your email or IM message.

I can’t say I’ve used the bookmark feature much in the past, as it isn’t included in the ‘right click’ context menu by default, but I might have to weave this one in. Having a little more context never hurts!

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