Google+ Now Has More Active Users than Twitter

This past week, Global Web Index (GWI) released its December 2012 numbers for active users per social platform.  As expected Facebook owns the top spot with over 50% of global internet users actively engaged in their service.  The more interesting development, however, was the number of Google Plus (G+) active users surpassing the same count on Twitter. Check out the following graph:


Does that mean Twitter’s growth has slowed? Or is on the decline? Not at all. According to GWI, Twitter continues to open new accounts at the fastest rate of all the networks — particularly in the US, where growth is over double what we have here in Canada:


Now, here’s some perspective: Websites and social ecosystems like these come and go. The internet is constantly changing — not like it was 10 years ago, and different again in 10 years time. (You know this, I know.) So the challenge when building your firm’s online presence is to find your ‘window for participation‘ with these varying services. Maybe you can ‘do them all’, and maybe you have to prioritize your participation; but buy-in early enough to be an early adopter. Maximize the firm’s participation in that service before its time has passed. Getting there a year ahead of your competition is a real advantage.

This idea of a participation window was the basis for my advice back in summer 2011 on Attorney at Work, re: Google+.  Facebook is at the top now; but if one was betting on the future, G+ and Twitter have a lot more upside — for brands generally, and for law firms.

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