Behind the Scenes on the Small Firm Innovation Redesign

As noted at Stem News, Clio has just unveiled a redesign of their practice management blog, Small Firm Innovation. We were privileged to be part of this project and wanted to share some details on the new site, plus what’s happening under the hood.

Going into the redesign, Clio had two goals: make the monthly themes more prominent, and provide better exposure for the talented and ever-growing team of contributors at Small Firm Innovation.

To meet the first goal, the new design centers around the monthly theme, which makes it easy for the site’s visitors to quickly discern the theme and access the related posts. Pulling images from the corresponding blog posts into the homepage banner provides color and visual interest, and the Monthly Themes tab enables visitors to navigate the site’s 2+ year archives in a logical, useful way.


To focus on highlighting the written efforts of its solos and small firm lawyer contributors, Clio wanted to expand on each author’s profile, and allow authors to manage their own profile pages, too. To that end, blog post bylines are linked to author profiles, and short profiles appear at the bottom of each post, allowing readers to learn more about the author and quickly access to his or her other posts. Ultimately, the new design greatly improves visibility for Small Firm Innovation’s contributors both on-site and in the search engines.

Chad Burton

Tweets from @sfinnovation and the site’s contributors are displayed in a sidebar — another way the site promotes its authors — along with the site’s most popular posts. Visitors can sign up for Clio’s newsletter from the sidebar as well.

It was a pleasure for us to work with Clio on Small Firm Innovation’s new design, and we’re looking forward to seeing what new features, themes, and of course, posts are in store for the coming months!


P.S. Small Firm Innovation is always looking for new contributors – if you’re a sole practitioner, work in a small firm, or have experiences to share with this audience, get in touch with Gwynne Monahan, Communications Manager at Clio. Or, join Small Firm Innovation on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter (@sfinnovation).

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