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Stem Client Round-Up for November 2013

Posted by Steve Matthews on

It is already the end of November and we are hurrying into the holiday season.  Our clients have been very active this month, as you can see by the following: Rhode Island elder care attorney Mark Heffner highlighted a symposium on Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Impairment.  This free symposium featured Dr. Jie Shen, Harvard Professor of Neurology, presenting on “Memory… more »

Crowdsourcing Your Lawyer Biography

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Two things can consistently be said about lawyers’ online biographies: they are among the most important pages on a law firm’s website, and they are among the least engaging and distinctive items on that site. This can be a frustrating disconnect: the lawyers I meet invariably are interesting, insightful, and well-rounded, yet their online bios are often stiff, stilted, and… more »

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