Goes Uber-Canadian!

Canada. Our true north strong and free. Home of Kraft Dinner, maple syrup, and Nanaimo Bars. Land of the unnecessary apology and Slurpees when it’s -30 (Celsius, natch).  We don’t have attorneys, but we have barristers and solicitors, and as much as we love PBS, NPR, and the Beeb, we’ll always have a soft spot for the CBC. You know you live in a great country when you can buy a new lawnmower and the cashier gives you money! (And no one looks at you funny when you put vinegar on your fries.)

And so, in honour of the Canada Day long weekend and our great country’s 145th birthday, we here at Stem decided to give the Canadian Law Blogs List at a mini-makeover. How mini? Well, let’s just say we didn’t go light on the fromage!

We put on our thinking toques and got down to giv’n’er. It wasn’t an easy task to decide which enhancements to make to the site. Steve, for instance, envisioned Bob and Doug McKenzie popping up just when you least expect it. I was in favour of renaming all of our provinces to things like Texas North, Stubble Jumpers, and Spud Island. Jordan thought we might give credit to Terrance and Phillip for creating and maintaining the site. Most of these ideas got vetoed, but there are plenty of other Canadian ‘Easter eggs’ for you to scout out.

As usual, our web developer and designer, Laurel, worked some serious magic with this project. Her playful homage to a certain national coffee shop chain – crafted with an abundance of caution, of course, recognizing our lawyer-heavy audience – had us hooked faster than you can say “double double”.  Skookum!

We hope you’ll have a great time poring over every 2.54 cm² of the site, trying to spot all the gems we have hidden. So hurry hard! Turn off that Heritage Minute, get comfy on your chesterfield, grab yourself a Coffee Crisp and a glass of homo milk,  and enjoy our (temporary – it’s gone Tuesday) über-Canadian take on!

Happy Canada Day from all of us at Stem!


  1. Emma, massive kudos to you and Laurel especially for your amazing work on the site! It looks terrific — it’s like a “Hinterland Who’s Who” of great Canadian concepts. :-)

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hunt for buried trezsha….

    @ 11:31 am
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