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Stem Client Roundup for November 2012

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

2012 is almost over, and here at Stem we are gearing up for the 7th annual Clawbies – nominations open on Monday! Stem’s clients seem determined to end the year on a high note, too. Here’s a look at some client news and activities from the month of November: Kelowna, BC law firm Pushor Mitchell‘s own Paul Mitchell, Q.C.,… more »

Why These Are The World’s Best Online Lawyer Profiles

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

The best law firm website biographies in the world (with apologies to my clients) are in Australia. Check out the website of Marque Lawyers, a highly diverse full-service law firm in Sydney that bills by fixed fees and monthly retainers. Its lawyer profiles are utterly brilliant: charming, insightful, engaging, funny and warm, not to mention… more »

It’s Not Social Media, It’s Content Marketing

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

There is a small number of people who, when they talk about social media, you must listen. One is Chris Brogan, and here’s what he said in a recent post called “Social Media Isn’t Dead; It’s Boring“: It’s boring to talk simply about the tools because the tools are just a way to reach people. We can argue more »

Lawyer Blogs and Bios Aren’t Going Anywhere!

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

Steve’s latest Slaw column, Death of Blogging? Not So Fast!, went up on Slaw yesterday. The inspiration for the column comes from Adrian Lurssen’s recent piece, Are We Heading to a Post-Blogging World?, in which Lurssen describes the growing trend of writers foregoing their own blogs to publish under branded media platforms such as the Huffington Post.… more »

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