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Bring Your Own Dilemma: The Implications of BYOD for Lawyers

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

I don’t often write about technology, a reluctance I blame on a liberal arts background and a traumatizing early exposure to FORTRAN. But there’s an interesting technology trend underway that has implications for how lawyers interact with their clients. It’s sometimes called the consumerization of IT (CoIT), but I prefer the more colloquial BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Primarily, it’s… more »

SEO & Client-Friendly Websites: Techshow Slide Decks Now Available

Posted by Steve Matthews on

As promised, here are the slide desks from my two presentations at the 2012 ABA TECHSHOW. Beyond the FAQ: Building Client-Friendly Websites  was co-presented with Jeff Lantz of Esquire Interactive. It offers advice on how to write client-centric content and how law firms can build their network of content to better serve clients, get more publishing opportunities,… more »

The problem with lawyer advertising

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

The perils of “non-lawyer” ownership of law firms have been widely documented in recent months, and whether those perils hold up to scrutiny or not (my position on that question is fairly well established by now), these models already exist in the UK and will eventually spread to other shores. But even in jurisdictions where lawyer control of law… more »

Stem Client Roundup for March 2012

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

March kicked off conference season, with both Steve and Jordan speaking at ABA events, and several of Stem’s clients presenting at or gearing up for big events of their own. Read on to learn about what our clients were up to in March: The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association published the Spring 2012 edition of CCCA magazine and announced that the… more »

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