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As noted over at Stem News, Steve Matthews will be co-presenting two sessions at the upcoming ABA TECHSHOW 2012 in Chicago later this week. See the news item for details on Steve’s sessions — we’ll also be posting the slidedecks to Slideshare after the conference. This year’s lineup of sessions looks top-notch. Steve’s sessions fall within the Digital Marketing Track,… more »

A Dozen New Additions to

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Just wanted to share the latest additions to the Canadian Law Blogs List at Since our last update two months ago, we’ve added 12 new blogs on a wide range of topics including family, real estate, and construction law along with legal marketing and industry news. Cameron’s Profits for Partners Blog Canadian Advertising & Marketing Law (Steve Szentesi)more »

101 More Law Firm Taglines – 2012 Edition

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Back in 2009, Stem Legal published our list of 101 law firm taglines. At that point, many online pundits were quick to point out the terrible ones (no need to name names) as well as some rare gems that seemed to fit their firms well. Are law firm taglines still valuable? It’s a good question. Some are indeed terrible,… more »

Coming to you live: The do’s and don’ts of conference tweeting

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[Note: This post has been simultaneously published by our friends at Attorney at Work, and will be included in a free downloadable publication of “Tips and Tricks for the Mobile Lawyer,” to be released in May. Attorney at Work, as regular readers know, publishes “one really good idea every day” for enterprising lawyers. If you’d like to be notified more »

Where’s your fingerprint? Making your online profile unique

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Here’s a very quick experiment I’d like you to try. Go to your online biography — either your law firm profile page or, if you’re a solo, the “About Me” section — and print it out. Bring the printout back to your chair, take out three different coloured pens or markers, and do the following: 1. With the first pen,… more »

Stem Client Roundup for February 2012

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Short on days, but not short on news – that’s how we’d sum up February. Here’s our monthly look at all the interesting things our clients were up to: Gowlings was named one of the National Capital Region’s top employers for 2012, and Marion Bailey-Canham, a partner and registered trade-mark agent in the firm’s Ottawa office, won the ILO more »

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