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The 4 frequent flaws of law firm content

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Law firms create and circulate extraordinary amounts of content, almost all of it written by lawyers about developments in the law. But the majority of that content is unlikely to produce much if any business benefit, because it’s fatally flawed by one or more of four elementary mistakes firms keep making. Here’s my assessment of the most common problems… more »

Calling All Law Firm Taglines!

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

We’re busy putting together the 2012 edition of our law firm taglines list (see our 2009 edition here) and need some help from you, our dear readers. Does your firm currently have a tagline? Do you know of a great one – or one that’s the pits? Good ones, bad ones, we want to see ’em all – drop more »

How CLE providers can use social media

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Late last month, I co-presented a session on social media for CLE providers at the Mid-Year Meeting of ACLEA, the Association of CLE Administrators, in New Orleans. In the process of preparing my remarks, I was struck by the resonance between social media and CLE programming, and I came to conclude that there are some largely untapped opportunities to… more »

Law firm websites are the foundation

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Kevin O’Keefe had a provocative post yesterday that talked about the overemphasis some lawyers place on their firm websites, in terms of their online business development programs. Here’s the money quote from Kevin: “Law firms and their attorneys need to get over the fact that a website is not the only way to do marketing and business development on… more »

Crafting standout practice group descriptions

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

The knock against most law firm websites is that you could switch the banners and logos of two randomly selected firms and hardly anyone would notice the difference. I’ve found this is especially the case with practice and industry group descriptions, which tend heavily towards the bland or generic. That’s a shame, because I think most firms could say something… more »

Getting personal: Harrison Pensa’s smart new website

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Stem client Harrison Pensa, a full-service law firm based in London, Ontario and serving clients throughout southwestern Ontario and across Canada, has just launched a new website. That might not, in itself, be something worth drawing to your attention. But I do think Harrison Pensa’s approach to its new site is smart, savvy, and sophisticated, and I thought… more »

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