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Stem Client Roundup for January 2012

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

2012 is off to a great start, if the momentum gained by Stem’s clients in January is any indication. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to: Inspired by his experience in litigating cerebral palsy cases, elder and child injuries lawyer Jonathan Rosenfeld launched a new microsite, Cerebral Palsy Lawyers FAQ, which contains a vast number of Q&Asmore »

Stem client Clio announces major private equity investment

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Big news is breaking at Legal Tech New York today, and we’re especially proud here at Stem Legal because it involves one of our clients, Clio. Jack Newton, Rian Gauvreau and friends have just announced that Clio has raised $6 million in its Series B round of financing from Acton Capital Partners, a Munich-based growth equity investor, and… more »

20 New Blogs at

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

One of the best parts of being involved with the Clawbies is learning about new blogs, and seeing just how many different legal topics are being blogged about in Canada. Since our last update in November, we’ve added 20 new blogs to  – and there are even a couple of Clawbies winners and runners-up among them! ideablawg (Lisa Silver)more »

What your error message says about you

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

I read a humourous post last night, titled Oops! I ruined your life. :) that got me thinking about error messages. The post is about the cutesification of error messages from large technology companies, like Google, but I think the base message is important for any website: make sure your errors are helpful. Most common error messages a user is… more »

Google slowed indexing for SOPA protests

Posted by Steve Matthews on

If you launched a website yesterday and were wondering why Google’s spider software wasn’t indexing your new site, there’s a reason.  Seems it was a considered decision by Google to maintain current standing in the search engine rankings for those websites protesting U.S. SOPA legislation. A number of sites, in fact, saw almost no indexing. Google itself didn’t go… more »

Introducing the Greenhouse

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

We’ve decided, after several weeks of WordPress Wednesdays posts and some feedback from our readers, to move the posts to a new area on the site, the Greenhouse! The purpose of the Greenhouse is to discuss Stem’s internal projects and experiments, as well as talk about new technologies, and share code experiments that we’ve done on our own, or… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Creating Custom Queries in WordPress

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

WordPress automatically loads the appropriate posts and pages on your site based on its default database queries. However, it’s possible to create custom queries so you can call whatever content you like from the SQL database and run it through the WordPress Loop — the code used to display your WordPress posts — wherever you want on your site. You… more »

Big-picture thinking from a social media guide

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

As noted on Twitter and blogged by Simon Fodden at Slaw, the Law Society of England & Wales has released a social media guide for lawyers and law firms. Simon observes that there’s very little here to excite the experienced user of social media, but that its target market of social media newbies will find it a useful and… more »

WordPress Wednesdays: Adding ‘+1’, ‘Tweet’ and ‘Like’ Buttons Without Plugins

Posted by Laurel Fulford on

This week’s WordPress Wednesday will cover how to add Tweet This, +1 and Like buttons to your WordPress posts… without plugins! Each share button requires a snippet of HTML, a bit of JavaScript, and a quick template edit. As with all site modifications discussed in the WordPress Wednesday series, make sure to back up your theme files before making… more »

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