What can Google+ offer law firms?

It took me a while to gather my thoughts on Google+ and the potential benefits for lawyers and law firms.  Every few days, I would drop a few more ideas into a draft email; with the intent of eventually writing a post here at LFWS.  Then last week, our friends over at Attorney at Work were kind enough to ask for a similar piece.  So, with some valuable feedback from my colleague Jordan Furlong, and a little editing magic from Joan Feldman, that article went live this morning. See: Lawyers: Don’t Be Late to the Google+ Party.

After reading it, there will be little doubt that I am enthusiastic.  And frankly, after several years of “ho-hum” evolution online, Google+ is a welcome addition.  I am particularly excited about its potential to build upon the concept of social networking, creating ties to the tangible business results that Google has delivered in the past.

I also realize that I can bluster all I want about lawyers and firms becoming ‘early adopters’.  Those that currently see new files coming through the door via their websites and web presence will be the quickest converts.  But after that, the questioning will begin…  Is there enough time to manage yet another social network? How does it compare against our other in-house social media projects?

As I said in the article, benchmark your firm website’s referral metrics.  Google+ may not have the adoption numbers (yet); but the parent company does likely hold the number one spot for sending people to the webpages that describe your firm and its services.   In my view, that’s a potential worth betting on.

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