The legal social media influence list

The current edition of The Lawyers Weekly contains a column jointly written by Warren Smith, Regional Director of The Counsel Network, and me called “The 24: Canada’s top legal social media influencers.” We assembled two lists of 12 people (lawyers in private practice and everyone else) who, based on a series of factors such as Twitter follow ratio, Klout score, and overall impact on the national conversation, seemed to us the most influential users of social media in the Canadian legal community. Check out the lists and you’ll be struck, as we were, by the diversity of backgrounds and jurisdictions from which that influence is wielded.

In the interests of fairness (and because you can never really be 100% objective about yourself), Warren and I excluded ourselves from the survey. Nonetheless, friends of Stem Legal will no doubt have noticed that the list of 24 included our very own Steve Matthews, who happens to be a colleague of one of the article’s authors. I did think about taking Steve’s name out of contention, too, but in the end we concluded that wouldn’t be fair to him: his tremendous influence through social media was clear from both the statistical and anecdotal perspectives. In the interests of full disclosure, though, I thought that was worth noting here.

So, your turn: did we overlook anyone on our list of 24? Any other observations about the list or the column in general?

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