Small Firm Innovation: First-Person Accounts of Small Firm Success

Today is the official launch of Small Firm Innovation, and I’m excited to finally be able to talk about this fantastic new website. Developed and sponsored by Clio, Small Firm Innovation inspires lawyers through first-person accounts of small-firm success.

Small Firm Innovation is a resource by, for and about solo and small firm lawyers, and it provides insights and advice on the realities of running a law practice. From the practical (how can I go paperless?) to the philosophical (what exactly is success?) to the perennial (what is my work really worth?), each post is written by someone who lived through the experience, wrestled with the idea, and came out a little wiser.

Jordan Furlong and I will participate in both an advisory role, as well as being contributors. My first post outlines 10 ways for solos and small firms to boost their online profiles; Jordan’s first post will be published shortly.

The  contributing group of authors range from well-established solos to new law school grads, alongside a handful of management, media, finance, web, and marketing consultants (that’s where Jordan and I fit in). And we find ourselves in pretty good company: Edward Poll, Rob Hyndman, Colin Cameron and Bob Ambrogi are just a few of our cohorts on this project. Russell Alexander, our solo/SF client in Markham, Ontario, is also contributing.

Small Firm Innovation will also be active on facebook and on Twitter (@sfinnovation).

The site was conceived of during the financial crisis, when many newly minted lawyers were hanging their own shingles or joining small firms. Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau of Themis Solutions (Clio’s parent company) recognized that there was tremendous strength in numbers among these small firms and sole practitioners.  As Jack puts it:

“The needs of solo and small firm practitioners are often underserved in the greater marketplace and media, but they actually represent the majority of the legal market. Solos and small firm lawyers can learn a lot from each other’s successes and missteps, watching for pitfalls to avoid while also encouraging their fellow solos and small firms to experiment with new ideas.”

Congratulations, Clio, on developing such an excellent resource for a deserving community!


  1. Congrats on this new project! I am very excited to see how it progresses and join the conversation via Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be sharing this resource with all the solo and small firm practitioners I know. :)

    @ 10:55 am
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