23 New Blogs at LawBlogs.ca

The submissions just keep coming in! We’ve added 23 new blogs to the Canadian Law Blogs List since our last update, and here they are:

Thanks to everyone who submitted their blogs – if you know of one we’re missing, please let us know. We’re only a few months away from the CLawBies now, so start thinking about which outstanding Canadian law blogs you’d like to nominate this year!

A couple of housekeeping notes from lawblogs.ca: Lately, we’ve had lots of submissions from brand-new blogs with only one or two posts. While we’re always glad to see new additions to the Canadian legal blogosphere, we generally wait until a blog has had regular posts for three months before getting it listed.

Also, a few bloggers have asked why we have this policy when some of the blogs listed on our site haven’t been updated in several months. In answer to this, we try to curate our collection carefully as we add blogs, but once they’re added, we have no control over how frequently they are updated. As we all know, often blogs are started with the best of intentions, but soon fall by the wayside.  We periodically check all the blogs included on lawblogs.ca, and remove any that haven’t been updated in more than a year.

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