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Stem Client Roundup for September 2011

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Fall is definitely here, and everyone’s in back-to-work mode… just take a look at what Stem’s clients have been up to over the past month: BC legal support services provider Dye & Durham will be part of a pilot project that allows them to file Court of Appeal documents via ETray. Dye & Durham also announced an upcoming webinar more »

23 New Blogs at

Posted by Emma Durand-Wood on

The submissions just keep coming in! We’ve added 23 new blogs to the Canadian Law Blogs List since our last update, and here they are: OnCorp Direct Blog Bowman Law Office Blog (Laura Bowman) Blogue juridique Edilex CCLA Library Blog (County of Carleton Law Association) Bridge Real Estate Investment Advisory Group (Robins Appleby & Taub) International & Transnational Criminal more »

A timely social media reminder, brought to you by Facebook

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

So if you’re a Facebook user — and 750 million of you are — you’re probably aware of (if not part of) the firestorm the company created yesterday by rolling out yet another change to its service. Facebook has incurred the wrath of its users before, not just with other design tweaks but with constant adjustments to its privacy settingsmore »

Google+ Search = Brand Monitoring for Law Firms

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Two announcements regarding Google Plus came out yesterday: 1) Google+ is now open to the everyone, and 2) searching for public posts is now possible. The second item should be of great interest to many law firm Marketing Directors. Think: ‘brand monitoring’.  If you’re responsible for tracking mentions of your firm’s lawyers or the firm’s name online, this will… more »

The legal social media influence list

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

The current edition of The Lawyers Weekly contains a column jointly written by Warren Smith, Regional Director of The Counsel Network, and me called “The 24: Canada’s top legal social media influencers.” We assembled two lists of 12 people (lawyers in private practice and everyone else) who, based on a series of factors such as Twitter follow… more »

Be remarkable: Online marketing for the smaller law firm

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Lawyers in small law firms sometimes like to poke fun at their large-firm competitors by calling them “dinosaurs.” While there’s some truth to the comparison, it’s also worth recalling that the dinosaurs had a pretty good 200-million-year run and would still be around but for that asteroid. Size might not be everything, but it’s still a lot, especially in a… more »

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