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Stem Client Roundup for May 2011

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Here at Stem, May has just flown by, and our clients have been busy, too.  Here’s a quick look at what everyone’s been up to this month: Criminal attorney Lawrence Koplow blogged about the new Arizona DUI rules, including changes to interlock requirements, mandatory jail time, home detention and driver’s license suspensions. Product injury firm Hissey Kientz added a… more »

Explaining content and why lawyers struggle with it

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

In my previous post, I explained how social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs are simply vehicles for the distribution of content, and I showed how these vehicles can be an unusually good fit for lawyers. The problem with vehicles, of course, is that whether you’re driving a beat-up old Civic or a sleek new Lexus is less important… more »

Techshow PPT Decks on Website Building and SEO

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In the “better late than never” and “short but sweet” categories, I’ve finally uploaded the slide decks from my presentations at this year’s ABA Techshow, which was held from April 11-13 in Chicago. Website 101: Build and Rebuild was co-presented with Courtney Ward-Reichard and covers all the major aspects of law firm websites: selecting and managing a domain name,… more »

Explaining social media and why it’s ideal for lawyers

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

It’s probably an understatement to say that the nature and impact of social media are not yet fully understood within the legal profession. So I want to try making two points in this article. The first is to explain to lawyers what social media actually is. The second is to go much farther and demonstrate that, at least in one… more »

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