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Stem Client Roundup for February 2011

Posted by Steve Matthews on

February may have been a short month, but the number of initiatives by Stem clients continued to be plentiful.  Here’s our monthly roundup: New Jersey criminal lawyer John Marshall extended his guide on the topic of New Jersey Pre-trial Intervention. The NJ PTI program permits an individual to avoid prosecution for a criminal offense by successfully completing a period… more »

Reluctant publishers: helping lawyers generate content

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

There’s the principle, there’s the theory, and then there’s the reality. The principle is that the only reliable way for a law firm to build a lasting positive presence on the web is through the steady and timely production of relevant content: no amount of SEO gamesmanship will outperform good content that builds links with other websites. The theory is… more »

Tips for moving domain names

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Moving your website from one domain to another is no easy task, as the American Bar Association is currently finding out.  The ABA is in the middle of a transition from their long-term home at over to their new domain at I say middle because many of the established addresses on their old website are throwing 404 errors… more »

Stem Legal welcomes Harrison Pensa

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Stem Legal is pleased to welcome our newest client, Harrison Pensa of London, Ontario. One of southwestern Ontario’s largest and most respected full-service law firms, Harrison Pensa traces its history back to the early 20th century and still maintains the client-focused, results-driven philosophy of its founders. Harrison Pensa’s 50 lawyers practise across a remarkably wide variety of legal disciplines that… more »

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