Personal Marketing Plans for Lawyers

Michelle Golden has released her slides (embedded below) along with a great mind map from a recent presentation on personal marketing plans.  Michelle works primarily with CPAs and accounting professionals, but has also been known to dabble in the legal field. :)

These are both great resources, and I highly recommend them, but two important points caught my eye:

  1. The tactical relationships between the stakeholder groups — Firm > Practice Groups > Professionals (or in our case, Lawyers). Each may have unique interests, but are also aligned to the organization’s business interests, such as client satisfaction and the marketing cycle.  Nothing exists in a vacuum – even individual marketing, and personal marketing plans, or PMPs, need to reflect this.
  2. Web marketing tactics (obviously my primary interest) are much more valuable when dictated by business planning.  If the connections between PMPs and practice marketing or firm marketing is established early, the process of raising profiles at an individual level is much easier. And more so, the end result of those operations will be more satisfying to the company as a whole, because more stakeholder groups were considered earlier.

Congratulations to Michelle on what looks like a great presentation. And to this blog’s readers, enjoy her shared materials!


  1. Steve, thanks a ton for the mention and for developing out those two key points. Very on spot! I’d like to mention for your readers that all the items on the MindMap were originally intended to be completed in “traditional” ways but lo and behold, all the “red” items are achievable via social media as well! This is a very visual way to illustrate the intersection of familiar tactics with social media application.

    PS – laughing at “dabble” in law… having been in house in a law firm years ago, I simply cannot escape the field… :)

    @ 6:25 am
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