Importance of Industry Participation

It’s National Biotechnology Week here in Canada, so it was good to see our clients at Gowlings participating.

The firm has two free seminars coming up. The first is on Sept. 22nd in Toronto, where they’ve partnered with Marsh Canada, PwC and RBC Canada on Tools & Strategies for Canadian biotech companies to succeed.  And the second is out here in Vancouver on Sept. 21st, where they’ll present to biotech companies on Preparing and Packaging Your Business for a Deal.  The firm also announced the winners of their high school Biotech essay contest this week.

How does this relate back to marketing? There are two key elements worth noting: (1) timing and (2) industry participation.  Whether it’s online marketing or not, this is a great example of how to position your services in front of an industry:

  • Partner with complementary groups and services;
  • Give away as much as you can, to the right audience;
  • Be aware of the timing of industry events, and when that group might be most receptive to your offering; and
  • Support industry growth in an altruistic way, especially at “grass roots” levels.

There’s nothing wrong with sponsoring events or an Association, but it’s not hard to imagine the positive impact of this type of participation. Yes, participating requires a little more work; but it also demonstrates long term commitment. Closer relationships are developed, and really, this is business networking at its finest.

Could digital marketing and the web play a role? Of course. The presentations could be captured on video and shared on Youtube, the events live-blogged or tweeted, or the presentation slides distributed on Slideshare. The possibilities are endless.  However, what’s important is if the message will resonate — which makes that ‘altruistic’ element so important.  Technology is only an amplifier.  Participation, on the other hand, leaves a lasting impression.

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