Friday Web Metrics Roundup 09.24

Here’s my latest roundup of web demographics and research. I liked the first item so much I brought over the graph:

  • Half of US Internet Users Will Read Blogs Monthly [eMarketer]: “51% of US internet users, or 113 million people, will read blogs on a monthly basis. By 2014, the blog audience is expected to rise to 60% of internet users, or 150 million people.”


  1. Cool stats. I’ve always wondered why Facebook doesn’t improve their notes tool into more of a bloggin platform.

    @ 3:07 pm
  2. Thanks for the comment Danny. My take is that FB splits blogging into pieces. The brandable aspects get embedded into pages, and the status updates, link & video sharing etc. fill the divisions of content.

    What’s missing is ownership & self-publishing control – things FB will never give up. Those factors are also why I continue to think blogging plays such an important role.

    @ 3:38 pm
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