Clawbies, Lawblogs and Wee Little Links!

We have three very cool announcements here at Stem this morning! A trifecta of announcements, if you will.

First, the final touches have been applied and we’re opening up the new  We’re calling the next two months our beta period, and it comes with a requisite survey for feedback.  We’ve also added a custom submission form, so bloggers can both add a new blog or help classify their current listing.

Next, we’re formally opening the 2010 Clawbies season! Jordan Furlong and I will announce winners again on New Year’s Eve, but as we state so nicely every year:  the nominations are where it’s at! So please support your peers; as Canadian law bloggers so often do.

For the newcomers, our humble Canadian nomination procedure is described in detail on the website.

And finally, we have a new website to show!  A URL shortening service at  We’ve dropped a consonant in the middle, and we’re affectionately calling it: Law Likes . The idea is to track which Canadian legal content pieces are getting shared, and we’ve started by building it into the Twitter & Facebook buttons on the new  It’s open for others to use in the legal community, but the primarily purpose at this point is to track sharing.

Happy holidays everyone! And happy blogging!


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