Canadian Law Blogs List Now Over 200!

Since our last batch of updates, there have been 11 additions to

These latest additions mean that now lists more than 200 Canadian blogs from lawyers, profs, students, law librarians, and legal marketers.  Cresting over the 200 mark is a noteworthy achievement in the Canadian market.  In fact, compared to just 11 months ago, we’ve observed 71 new law blogs – almost one-third of the directory!

Also noteworthy, we’re currently in the middle of a “weeding project”: dropping all the dead and abandoned blogs. Once we pull those (the list hits 235 prior to culling), we’re still solidly over the 200 mark for active law bloggers in Canada!

If you know of one we’re missing, please – drop us a line!


  1. It is interesting to see how blogging is gradually gaining traction long after the hype has disappeared. I guess we are out of the trough of disillusionment, and into the slope of enlightenment?

    @ 2:03 pm
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