Attorney At Work: an innovative new lawyer resource

Steve and I are both honoured to be part of the advisory board of an innovative and timely new resource for the legal community. Attorney At Work is the brainchild of Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, Joan Feldman and Mark Feldman, familiar to many from the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section (and its Law Practice magazine), the Legal Marketing Association and the College of Law Practice Management. They’ve assembled a terrific new resource that promises to deliver, free of charge, “one really good idea every day.” Here’s how they explain Attorney At Work’s value proposition:

Our goal is to give you everything you need to create a law practice — and a life — you can love. Each morning, we send you a sound idea on anything from getting clients — even if you are missing the rainmaker gene, to solving the ‘slammed with work but chronically short on cash’ dilemma. From how to get a grip on cloud computing and the newest apps, to what to do about an assistant with memory problems, or a secretary who doesn’t like you. Our experts help you navigate firm red tape, move up the ladder, launch a new practice or even scale it back for parenthood, retirement or just a little more pleasure in your life.

It’s really as simple as that: sign up for a free subscription and get one brief but illuminating insight, every single day, into how to upgrade the quality of your law work and your law life. My first contribution borrowed from Sean Connery and The Untouchables for a practice management lesson, while Steve’s initial entry focused on the benefits of adding an RSS reader to your daily life. Among the other new articles available through the “Daily Dispatch” are items on how to delegate work successfully, how to dig yourself out from business card buildup, and how to achieve holiday cheer on a tight budget.

The other members of Attorney At Work’s advisory board make you hope you judge us by the company we keep! AAW will be advised by Burgess Allison, Bob Ambrogi, Burkey Belser, Simon Chester, Mark Greene, Vedia Jones-Richardson, Susan Manch, Tom Mighell, Dan Pinnington, Gerry Riskin, Sally Schmidt and Ron Staudt. With advisors and contributors like these, you’re guaranteed to get value from this new service. Sign up as a subscriber today and get one really good idea every day from Attorney At Work.

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