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Stem Client Roundup for November 2010

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Stem clients had a busy November, with website development, new articles, and professional recognitions. Here are some highlights: We proudly welcomed renowned Kelowna, BC law firm Pushor Mitchell to our roster of clients. Pushor Mitchell is a full-service firm, with a varied practice and a diverse client base that extends throughout B.C. The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, the national… more »

Ontario & BC Leading Law Blog Provinces

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In preparation for its forthcoming relaunch, we’ve been adding some classifications to the blogs listed on¬† Part of the divisions we’re putting into place will be to show the breakdown by Canadian Province; and I thought it might be interesting to share an early look at the numbers: Ontario (100) British Columbia (53) National (22) Quebec (18) Alberta… more »

Law Firm Blog Location and SEO

Posted by Steve Matthews on

My friend Kevin O’Keefe is debating the effectiveness of placing law firm blogs within the law firm website, as opposed to setting up each blog with its own domain name. Kevin clearly supports the idea of giving¬† each firm blog its own domain, and wrote on this same topic last year. An important piece of context here: Kevin’s… more »

A million tiny pieces: the social media mosaic

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Chatting with my colleague Steve Matthews today, the conversation turned to Facebook and my status updates thereat. Steve remarked that he learned something new about my interests and personality every time I posted one of those updates. (Today, I expect he learned that I’m a fan of Goscinny & Uderzo’s Gaulish warriors.) I took that as confirmation that the… more »

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