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Friday Web Metrics Roundup 09.24

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Here’s my latest roundup of web demographics and research. I liked the first item so much I brought over the graph: Half of US Internet Users Will Read Blogs Monthly [eMarketer]: “51% of US internet users, or 113 million people, will read blogs on a monthly basis. By 2014, the blog audience is expected to rise to 60% of internet… more »

Thanksgiving and the art of strategic communication

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away here in Canada. Unlike our American friends, who mark the occasion on the fourth Thursday of November, we celebrate our earlier harvest on the second Monday in October. Either way, that leaves plenty of advance time to remind you of one of Matt Homann’s best marketing insights: send your clients Thanksgiving cardsmore »

Importance of Industry Participation

Posted by Steve Matthews on

It’s National Biotechnology Week here in Canada, so it was good to see our clients at Gowlings participating. The firm has two free seminars coming up. The first is on Sept. 22nd in Toronto, where they’ve partnered with Marsh Canada, PwC and RBC Canada on Tools & Strategies for Canadian biotech companies to succeed.  And the second is out… more »

Google Instant and Legal Search

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m still gathering  my thoughts about Wednesday’s Google Instant announcement, and how these changes will impact search tactics for our market.  The following list describes some of the issues I think are important, and my reactions: Search volumes are going way up. Google says 5-7 fold from the former method of searching.  To me, this says that keyword research is… more »

How to fix your law firm’s Media page

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

I have kind of a standing recommendation for organizations regarding their websites: every few months, review your site, identify the 10% least relevant pages (based on page visits, links, lack of currency, etc.), delete those pages on the spot, and see if anyone notices. No one has yet had the gumption to take me up on that, but I’m inclined… more »

Lawyer Profiles: Dropping the Middle Initials

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m impressed with a recent post by Bob Ambrogi titled The Art & Science of Lawyer Profiles.  If you haven’t seen it already, do yourself a favour and take a look. Whether you’re in the process of drafting your own profile, or helping someone else, it’s solid advice. I’m now going to use Bob’s post to go off on… more »

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