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Stem Client Roundup for August 2010

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Stem clients had another busy month of blogging, media appearances, and community activites. Here are some highlights of the past month: Stem welcomed our newest client, British Columbia law firm Waterstone Law Group.  Like myself, Waterstone’s offices are located in B.C.’s beautiful Fraser Valley.  Founded in 1994, the firm features lawyers who formerly practised in the Vancouver market,… more »

Stop the press: news releases and rote communication

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

After my recent swipes at case law updates and voice mail, you might think I’m just spending my time beating up on the weakest members of the lawyer communication fraternity. If so, today’s entry on news releases likely will confirm that line of thought. But what I’m really trying to do is isolate and attack a pernicious habit within… more »

Talk to me: putting an end to canned conversations

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

So, have you recently left a voice mail for someone under 30, never to have it returned or even acknowledged? A post at Legal Blog Watch might have the answer: it seems Millennials regard voice mails as unsolicited messages not much different than spam, and treat them accordingly. It’s an interesting idea, one I fact-checked with a friend in his… more »

New Facebook Home for Stem Legal

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Just a short note to say that Stem Legal’s official facebook home is moving to: We’ve got a couple pages and groups that will be closed shortly, as we try to focus our efforts here.   Please drop by and consider giving us a ‘thumbs up’. more »

Stem Client Roundup for July 2010

Posted by Steve Matthews on

A couple days late, but Stem’s monthly client roundup is now ready to go.  Here are some of the highlights from July: West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Ron Chapman posted a series of articles on kidnapping: differentiating between what does and what does not constitute kidnapping, when a robbery also involves kidnapping, and another example of what does more »

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