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Friday Web Metrics Roundup

Posted by Steve Matthews on

The following is a roundup of recent web studies and adoption numbers that I’ve flagged in my web travels.  No guarantee this will be a weekly event, but it was time to try something different! Top 50 US Web properties in June  [comScore] Social Networking Adpotion Demographics: Women Eclipse Men [comScore] Google websites have the largest audience in more »

Rethinking the case law update: Who are you talking to?

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Take a moment to consider that staple of law firm newsletters (and now blogs) everywhere: the case law update. You know it well — chances are you’ve written and published at least one during your career. The purpose of the case law update, I think you’d agree, is to notify readers that a new court decision affects the law in… more »

JD Supra Powers New LinkedIn Legal Updates

Posted by Steve Matthews on

[cross-posted at] To date, LinkedIn has only offered a handful of sidebar applications that users can install.  They’ve been very picky, and only a few are aligned with vertical industries. Even then, it’s obvious that industry apps must have a broader application and be applicable to the general business community.  Late last night, the rollout began for… more »

Strategic media placement

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

We’ve heard endlessly (more than once from me) about the imminent death of newspapers, the collapse of a once-great industry and business model, etc. and the correspondent rise in the power of social media. No one will dispute that news organizations are having a very difficult time adjusting to the post-internet economy, and I’ve written here about the increasing… more »

Comic Sans Debacle Shows Importance of Font Choice

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Ask anyone involved in legal marketing, and they’ve probably been face-to-face with a lawyer who insists on using bad fonts.  Last night it wasn’t a lawyer making this kind of bad choice, it was the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. His mistake wasn’t a mild one.  It wasn’t a bad call between sans serif or serif, or… more »

SEO Without the Spam

Posted by Steve Matthews on

My newest column was published at today, titled: Injection Marketing Undermines Credibility.  Within this piece, I’m trying to deliver two central messages.  The first is pretty straight forward: that embedding  links or messages about your services within web conversations is not only ‘tacky’, but it reflects terribly on you and your business. For the generations of lawyers who’ve… more »

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