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Stem Client Roundup for June 2010

Posted by Steve Matthews on

June has been another busy month for Stem clients, with some noteworthy accomplishments. Here are some highlights: The staff of Canadian law firm Gowlings have not forgotten the victims of Haiti’s earthquake, raising $104,541, which the firm went on to match dollar for dollar in a donation to the Canadian Red Cross. Brian Fraser of the Toronto office of Gowlingsmore »

Blogging for law firms

Posted by Jordan Furlong on

Following on earlier posts about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for law firms, this entry will look at the last of the Big Four social media tools, blogs. In all the recent excitement over the three famous brand options, we sometimes forget that blogs started it all; equally, we can confidently predict that if unforeseen disasters were to befall social… more »

Twitter is mediocre technology

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Of all the social networks, I remain enamoured with Twitter the most. Its simplicity makes it extremely versatile, both for content distribution and relationship building. I also think it delivers value at a personal level and at the same time can represent brands and businesses. But one place where Twitter drives me crazy, and has for the past 3+ years, … more »

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