Re-tooling a Law Blog Example: Jonathan Rosenfeld

A big Stem pat on the back to Jonathan Rosenfeld, our Chicago client with a passion for blogging about some of society’s most vulnerable members: seniors in nursing homes. As we noted on Stem’s news page, Jonathan Rosenfeld’s Nursing Homes Abuse Blog has been re-launched with a new title, and a new look.

Formerly the Chicago Nursing Home Law Blog, the revised title is now a better representation of Jonathan’s specialized practise. While there are times & situations when a lawyer would want to align their blog name with a geographic region, we didn’t think this was it.  Jonathan’s reputation & requests for speaking engagements are both in growth mode, and coming from all over.  Neither objective seemed to benefit from having Chicago embedded within the blog name.

This was also a situation where we wanted to draw more focus to the individual; hence the addition of a lawyer photo into the blog design.  Jonathan’s expertise is in nursing home injuries, and his passion for standards of care, and interest in regulatory reforms make for excellent, in-depth blog commentary. He is also an enthusiastic writer, who is pretty good at adding a personal touch to his posts. Those qualities meant a closer connection to the blog author was required. By adding a photo, we are simply trying to put a face to the voice, and to make potential contact more inviting.

The topic categories of the blog went pretty much untouched, including: bedsores, infections, medication errors, and staff behavior. There are also categories for FAQs, a glossary of common terms, and an opportunity to answers readers’ questions via the blog.  There’s always a risk content-wise, and especially with PI work, for lawyer blogs to come off as contrived and unnatural. In this case however, we avoided any recommendations to Jonathan’s writing routine or style. There are times to be factual, and times to inject opinion, and he does both in a natural way.

By way of background, Jonathan practises with the firm Strellis & Field in Chicago and, perhaps not surprisingly, is a popular speaker with seniors’ groups.  Blogging has also helped land him interviews with the radio program “Ask Mr. Eldercare” and with Lawyers USA Magazine. Which brings up another extremely important point for lawyers who blog.  When your writing style is authoritative and helpful, you are not only building credibility with potential clients, but you generate these types of one-off profile building opportunities.

Was this a complete overhaul to Jonathan’s blogging presence? Not at all. But we would like to thank the gang at Lexblog for putting up with our injection of change requests. :)


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