Let’s Go to Techshow 2009!

I’m very proud to announce that for the first time I’ll be speaking at the LPM sponsored ABA Techshow, this April 2nd to 4th in Chicago!

Not only is it a big honour to participate, but I’m also very excited about being paired up with two of Techshow’s veteran presenters – Dave Bilinsky & Reid Trautz.  I offer no guarantees on keeping up with the speaking calibre of these two, but I will do my best not to hold anything back. :)

The following is a brief rundown on what I think will be delivered by attending these two sessions:

The first session is titled Web JD: If You’re Not Serving Your Clients Online Someone Else Will Be, and will be co-presented with my friend Dave B. The goal is to produce a good survey on how web tools can strengthen client service, and how lawyers can use the web to compete against commoditized services. It should cover everything from extranets and virtual deal rooms to web-based client collaboration. There’s also an interesting underlying theme – that the web, as big an opportunity as it is, requires that lawyers think small and differentiate their services. We’ll talk a lot about what elawyering is up against, and then how lawyers can craft a web strategy to compete.

The second session is with Reid Trautz and is titled Supercharge Your Referrals with Technology. We’ll start by covering the basics of referral marketing, but then quickly move into how lawyers can use the web to keep their name and brand in front of clients. We’ll talk about: documenting existing relationships online; leveraging the who-knows-who aspect of many social networking tools; using off-line networking relationships to jump start web-based networks; and supporting existing client relationships with lawyer self-publishing; to name a few. If there’s a genre of web tool that lawyers are currently using, we’ll probably cover it in this session; but from the perspective of client communications, and how it can help generate more client endorsed referrals.

You can find out more by checking out this year’s presentations grid.

I expect both of these to be great sessions.  The Web JD topic lets me cover a lot of material I used to get to think about at Clark Wilson; and web-driven referral networks is something that’s embedded in my work every day here at Stem.

Hope to see you in Chicago! :)


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