LegalWeb2.0: Doug Cornelius on Face-Blocking

The second edition of Law Practice Magazine‘s LegalWeb2.0 column is now online. This month, Doug Cornelius has authored a great roundup of the issues faced by law firms who block internal access to social media websites. His article, titled Online Social Networking: Is It a Productivity Bust or Boon for Law Firms? covers a broad range of issues, from productivity and virus exposure to bandwidth and brand monitoring.

A couple of additional notes I’d like to mention:

  • First, there’s a nice web-only appendix on the magazine website that includes the comments received from the survey. I’m not sure how long this page will be available, so best to drop by this month.
  • Second, a feature only blogging & the social web could provide, Doug has just posted his response to the survey process & the results. He also has a sample social networking/blogging policy for a law firm.  Both these items are worth checking out.
  • Third, a big thanks goes out to David Lat and Above the Law for helping us get the word out about the survey.  ATL didn’t get a mention in the article, and that was an oversight. Chalk it up to the rookie column editor (me).
  • Fourth, we can’t pin this on Big Law. The numbers were consistent across firms of all sizes. We segmented the results to isolate each of the firm size demographics, and the numbers were almost identical.
  • Fifth, 45% of law firms blocking social networks surprises me, and also doesn’t surprise me. The sample size was admittedly pretty small, but the fact the percentages were so consistent across firm size gives me a bit more faith in the results. Even if that number drops to 33%, one-third of an industry blocking is still a big number.

Many thanks to Doug for putting this together. I’d like to encourage everyone to check out Doug’s article and review the materials noted above.


  1. Steve –

    Thanks for your help in putting together the survey and your editorial input (as well as for asking me write the article)!

    @ 3:44 pm
  2. Who blocks LinkedIn? I mean, seriously.

    @ 9:01 am
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