Legal Ranks Swell on LinkedIn

One of the groundwork slides in my referral networking session at ABA Techshow with Reid Trautz was Stem’s ongoing tracking of the “law practice industry” category on LinkedIn.  The slide quoted the number of profile pages indexed by Google on four different dates over the course of the last year. Those were:

  • April 2008: 118,000
  • June 2008: 216,000
  • December 2008: 406,000
  • March 2009: 563,000

And here is the associated graph:

The question I posed to attendees was this: What do you think these numbers are going to look like in a year’s time? two years? three years?  The point, of course, is that the adoption rate is skyrocketing. It’s also important to recognize that each of these profile pages was created by, and actively managed by, the participant’s effort.  Not a massive updating process by firms to keep their records current in a directory – but based upon actual participation.

For me, that’s the promise of the read write web.  And to those looking for proof of Susskind’s ideas within the 2009 Techshow keynote, look no further.


  1. Charonqc said:

    Do you happen to know how many lawyers on Linkedin are from Britain?

    I suspect – that the figure for UK lawyers may be low. I may be pleasanttly surprised to find it is high?

    @ 10:50 pm
  2. Steve –

    I have noticed lawyers poring into LinkedIn over the last year. (But just like other internet profile platforms, many are abandoned and not actively updated.)

    One thing I find odd about the graph is that it looks fairly linear. I would have expected it to have more of a curve upward showing rapid adoption.

    @ 5:46 am
  3. Charon: When we add United Kingdom in quotes to the search, the results trim down to 25k profile pages. About the same as Canada. Does that help?

    Doug: Chalk it up to not enough data points. This is a simple BF reminder to re-run the search and monitor the numbers.

    @ 9:11 am
  4. […] a defendant to examine the plaintiff’s computer to determine his patterns of Facebook usage. Steve Matthews of Stem Legal noted the astonishing one-year increase in the number of lawyers on LinkedIn, from 118,000 in April […]

    @ 5:36 am
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